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First of all, your surroundings must be in healthy conditions. In this sense, moss walls filter the air of the environment and absorb the fresh and fresh air by absorbing toxic substances. They do not need regular maintenance. These features increase its preferability. Likewise, it preserves its appearance and functionality for many years.

The positive effect of greenery and nature on us cannot be disputed. Also, the analysis results of a worldwide study have shown that moss walls have a structure that relaxes the soul and increases creativity. We recommend this moss wall application in terms of both the visual aesthetics it offers and the positive effects it adds to our lives. It also plays a major role in sound insulation of the environment. It even creates a healthier condition by regulating the acoustics of the place where it is located.

It does not need water, sun and soil, and preserves its first day's texture, color, forms and vitality for many years. It is 100% natural and ecological.

Thanks to its many advantageous features, moss walls are an indispensable application in the decoration of spaces. You can bring the most beautiful shades of green to your spaces with our Ball Moss, Reindeer Moss, Long Moss, Bunny Moss, Flat Moss types. It is one of the most beautiful decoration ideas of today to create greener interior designs that are more compatible with nature by blending the personality of your spaces with the designs in that we use these stabilized moss species. Experience different styles and environments produced by the variety of colors in your spaces. Leave a permanent green mark on your spaces from us.


  • They are environmentally friendly plants that do not require sun and water, soil or maintenance.

  • It adds naturalness to the atmosphere of the spaces by preserving their texture, color, scent forms and vitality of the first day.

  • It can live up to 7 years when the necessary conditions are met.

  • Since there is no carbon dioxide emission, it can be used safely in all closed areas.

  • It is 100% natural and ecological.

  • They do not photosynthesize; volume remains constant and under control.

  • Stabilized plants are the perfect solution. It's eye-catching and has an exotic feel to it.

  • The area, where a high quality natural planting work is carried out, provides long-term permanence due to its features.

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