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We are inspired to create art of the nature that is an inspiration to you

GWM team is dedicated to designing with sustainable products in a way that inspires and brings meaning and conversation through the love we share of the great outdoors and indoors. Our aim is to create green interior spaces for your home, work, outdoors etc.


As nature lovers, we desire bringing a healing and calm connection to our daily lives. To us, there's no place more peaceful and full of life than the forest.


We are a preserved moss art & wall company dedicated to meticulous design and installation down to our ongoing maintenance programs.


We devote our best in everyday operations while curating lasting client relationships. We collaborate with artists, architects and developers across the World to bring people closer to nature Our vision reflects a passion for bringing nature into our increasingly urbanised lives. We created to this with lLiving walls & moss arts that can be placed outside or inside people's homes, offices and buildings. We also convert natural materials into preserved moss walls, moss art pictures, and tables filled with lush greenery for use in residential and commercial settings. We are offering all kind of our products in international market and our products can be customized according to your requirements.


Why you should choose us?

  1. Professional team and creative designers.

  2. Special designs upon request.

  3. Creative solutions regarding your space.

  4. Our knowledge, strong presence and experience in the industry.

  5. A+ products and materials.

  6. Our commitment to clear and transparent communication.

  7. A wide range of sales network all around the world.

  8. Our quality and timely delivery.


Our mission is to offer great arts in creating creations and helping peoples reconnect with nature.

We seek to help the people understands understand  why all living things exists exist  by vreating creating beautiful experiences inspired by mother nature.

Love of the nature is an innate love for natural World that impels us to connect with all living thinds in order to feel joy and peace.Our priority is to live through this experience together with you.

Modern Office Interior


To create great arts of the nature which provide more comfortable spaces and happier people  as well as aesthetic views.

Our Team

Our team consists of professional and creative designers those who are specialized in their fields to offer best service for you.

Yoğun Bir İş Günü
Modern Office Interior

Our Services

We design our art together with you with the inspiration we get from nature.


Offices, Shopping Malls, Clinic Centers, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels etc.


We arrange our designs with live or artificial plants according to the living conditions in the area. Moss walls are especially used indoors.


​For your outdoor areas, you can choose artificial plants with UV additives, since they do not need special care

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