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Natural Preserved Cleaned Bulk Moss

For all professionals around the World, we are ready to supply moss in boxes. We can supply moss in different forms: flat, curly, Scandinavian and in different colors. 
We supply guaranteed production and clean products. 
Introduce the World your art with moss.  Meet with us to make your decorations stand out! 
Feel free to consult us to create your own art piece with our moss!


Lichen Moss.jpeg


Available in various vibrant colors, it is used to make colorful moss walls, very cost efficient alternative to reindeer moss but similar in use. Neatly packed in small boxes. 

Sheet Long Moss.jpeg


The perfect base and element for your green walls. A must option to cover one wall or frame with this moss. You can also use as a floor surface or create bumpy hills. 

Ball Moss.jpeg


Available in two green colors, whether you use mixed with other moss or alone, ball moss is the attractive option. They come in various sizes, bulk in boxes.

Bunny Moss.jpeg


Available in natural green color. It is a soft touch in your designs, packed in small boxes, waiting for its users to come.

Stabilised Plants.jpg


Plants require professionalism to be used in a design. Just as a landscaper you need to select your plants carefully to use in your designs. Ask for our plants catalogue.

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GWM Advantages

  • We give online and onsite training to designers and landscapers. 

  • We stay central and close to Europe, Arabian Peninsula and African Continent.

  • We follow European standards during our production.

  • We have different color options of different moss types.

  • Cleaned, controlled and guaranteed production.

  • New stock at all times.

  • Following the trends in design.

Key Features of our Moss


Moss are collected by hand and processed with natural additives. They become immortal


100% recyclable

It does not get parazites or bugs.

It does not contain allergens and toxic substances.

It does not have a bad smell


  • It is flame and fire resistant.

  • Lichen moss has a fire certificate.


It is a natural air humidity indicator. It dries up when the humidity drops below 30% and starts to soften when it rises above 30%. The lichen moss is much more sensitive in this case

It is anti-static (does not catch dust)

It provides sound insulation


  • They are used indoors

  •  They don’t need maintanance

  • They don’t require watering, sunlight

  • They maintain their color and form for years

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