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Vertical gardening and garden designs continue to take their place among the most important decoration alternatives in terms of creating difference between exterior and interior spaces. If you want to have a verticalgardening design, you should not forget that you need a professional infrastructure, like our company, which has been serving for many years.

While making verticalgardening designs, the space limitation of the exterior or interior space will be taken into consideration and the design suitable for all conditions will be determined.

Verticalgardening Application Artificial or Natural

Artificial verticalgardening systems are the most preferred decoration type recently. It is one of the most preferred decorations in offices, businesses, homes and balconies. Vertical garden applications offer a stylish and intertwined impression with nature. Moss vertical garden and artificial vertical garden designs are made for restaurants, cafes and of course, gray offices.

Natural verticalgardening is a system that carries the garden landscape to vertical walls and processes them on preserved plants and moss. They are the products that are preferred to be applied because of the fact that the interior walls’ suitable conditions.

These designs can also be preferred for common balcony walls separating apartments and houses. Areas can also be customized with a little bit protection from outside weather conditions.

Outdoor and interior products are easily used and a remarkable look is achieved.

Verticalgardening That Bring Peace to Environment

Verticalgardening are designs that are applied in many sectors that serve. Most decorative areas of these places; shopping malls, hotels, hairdressers, hospitals, photography studios. The natural structure of green, will offer peace and happiness to those sitting in it. The environment will look very stylish and peaceful with mummified products and artificial plants and branches that are easy to maintain and do not have the risk of fading and spoiling.

Verticalgardening is very important in terms of providing different light combinations. A large number of models with different designs are offered for sale in different sizes. Wall height, width and height calculations and vertical gardens are available at different prices. For models that suit the environment, it is recommended to choose vertical garden design sites with rich content.

Process of Making Quality Verticalgardening

Although mummified and artificial plant design is thought to be among the easy processes, this is a great error. While designing artificial and mummified plants; The materials and structures of the products used are very important. For example; Mummified and artificial plants made with the use of poor quality materials are deteriorated in a short time.

GWM is proud to serve hundreds of customers with modern designs that install and ship vertical garden systems all over the world.

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