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Mosses and Lichens especially, which does not need water, sun, soil and care, can maintain its first day freshness for many years. They preserve their appearance for 3-5 years under the right climatic conditions.

Mosses and Lichens improve air quality and ensure the absorption of toxins. They provide a healthier and more relaxing environment in our daily lives. Since they are anti-static, they do not attract dust. At the same time, they do not contain insects and pathogens, as they do not create nutritional value.

Since they are 100% Natural and Sustainable products, they provide good credit for Green Offices/Buildings.


Among Mosses and Lichens especially Reindeer Moss is e a type of spiny lichen that grows in Scandinavian forests. Reindeer moss is frequently used in interior decoration applications today, and it is effective in changing the ambiance of the environment with its 100% natural and lively appearance. It maintains its color and texture for many years and does not need any maintenance.

Among Mosses and Lichens; Reindeer Moss, which is grown in Scandinavian forests and collected meticulously and processed in countries such as France, Spain and the Netherlands, has recently become one of the indispensables of modern architecture. Reindeer moss is shocked and mummified, gaining people's appreciation with its natural and different appearance, especially indoors.


Mosses and Lichens are one of the least expensive decorative plants to maintain. Reindeer moss that you will place in your living spaces do not need factors such as water, light or heat. The main reason for this is that they were shocked. One of the most important features of Reindeer moss, which is 100% natural and ecological, is absorbing toxins in the air, increasing the air quality of your living space and reducing the stress caused by air pollution.

Mosses and Lichens soften the atmosphere of the environment, according to Feng Shui belief, they remove negative energy from the environment. It helps our little friends in our homes to exhibit calmer attitudes. At the same time, its natural appearance helps us to start the day positively and healthier.

This decoration will add a different atmosphere to our spaces thanks to its easy care and the positive energy it gives to the environment.

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