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The moss forest application on walls or surfaces is a relatively new trend in interior design. Moss forest is used to cover large areas of walls and create a natural, organic look. If you want to add a little more energy to your environments, mosses are definitely a great option.

Like other green plants, it is a plant that contains chlorophyll and can produce its own food. According to their structural features, mosses are divided into leaf mosses and liver mosses. Also, mosses are always found in the north of the trees. If you lose your way in nature, all you have to do is find the north by following the moss on the trees. It is called a primitive and seedless plant. It grows in moist soils, crevices, tree stumps. Forest Moss reproduce by sporulation.

One of the biggest advantages of moss forest is that they are maintenance free. The moss forest offered by Green Wall Moss can be applied to your walls very easily. You can buy any amount from our company, we send worldwide in boxes. Forest moss is also available for bulk sale.

Bring Nature to Your Spaces!

Advantages of Decorations with Moss Forest

This type of moss forest is a type of plant that can be used for decoration. Forest moss can also be used to cover rocks and trees to create a natural look. Easy to grow and maintain, Forest moss requires very little maintenance.

Moss is a plant that grows on trees and rocks, and in some cases can also be used as decoration. It can also be used to decorate walls and other surfaces.

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