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Our interior spaces, where we spend a significant part of our lives, greatly affect our physical and mental health. The fact that we have to spend more time indoors, especially due to the global epidemic we live in, taught us how important this world we live in is. To feel ourselves better on the World, many of us started growing plants and connecting their worlds with them. So much so that many studies say that the use of plants indoors is good for human health, helps people connect with nature and gives them a sense of calm.

The fact that these wonderful applications can be made in different sizes and decorated with various plants, wood or stones has helped us to produce countless original designs. The “moss wall” option has become our most popular option due to your appreciations and its conveniences.

We use a variety of natural accessories that support our moss walls. We have 3 different collections according to the intensity of the plants and accessories.

  • Our Hittit Collection, which we created with plants and accessories of less intensity,

  • Our Assyrian Collection, which we created with plants and accessories of medium intensity,

  • Our Babylon Collection, which we have created with 7-8 various plants and accessories.

We, as the GWM family, will continue to touch the aesthetics of your living spaces by connecting our art with nature and reflecting our energy on your walls, just as a painter reflects and embroiders his/her soul on his/her canvas with love.

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