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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

First of all, moss is the heart of nature. Our biggest source of inspiration is nature itself. When you observe nature carefully, you realize that it is full of unique beauties. Nature cannot be imitated, but we try to reflect nature in our art as much as we can. Algae clean the air of our world by photosynthesizing 30% more than all the plants we know in their natural areas.

It should be said that the algae and other plants that make up the content of the moss wall are collected without causing any harm to the nature. Algae and plants with a total of 16,000 varieties are extracted by treating them with organic methods.

5 different types of moss exists commonly in natüre:

  • Ball Moss

  • Reindeer Moss

  • Long Moss

  • Bunny Moss

  • Curly Moss

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