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Moss walls and vertical gardens are especially suitable for indoor areas. Regardless of the material used or the method of application, deformation may occur when the products are exposed to direct sunlight, contacted with liquid/water, placed under the air conditioner, above or near the heater. For this reason, moss wall applications are not recommended outdoors. They are especially ideal for areas such as offices, schools, shopping malls, plazas, sales offices. If suitable conditions are met, all moss wall applications under the guarantee of GWM preserve the form and texture of the first day.

Consider an application of a design that is both natural & aesthetic and provides excellent benefits to your space. Who wouldn't want to have something like this?

Come and learn about how moss walls and vertical gardens create wonders in your spaces.

1. No need for Watering, Trimming or Sunlight

In an environment where the humidity level is balanced, moss walls do not need any maintenance. If they are protected under suitable conditions, they maintain their vitality for many years.

2. Provides Acoustics in the Space.

In many places, we see that plants are used to reduce the noise in the spaces. Likewise, moss walls and vertical gardens have the ability to absorb high-frequency sounds. For this reason, many places such as roadside places, cafes, restaurants prefer this application very much. Especially in noisy work areas, for example in companies such as call centers, it will reduce noise and increase working efficiency.

3. Reduces Stress

According to studies, it has been observed that employees in work environments with biophilic designs are more peaceful than employees in other workplaces. The fact that we feel more calm and peaceful in every area where we connect with nature proves this.

4. Increases Creativity and Motivation

According to research, even before the pandemic, American businesses were spending more than $30 billion a year on space designs to manage health problems and absenteeism due to work-related stress. Other factors such as absenteeism, health problems and work stress were found to be significantly reduced with biophilic designs.

Now, according to the architectural insights of 2022, companies are pursuing creative and new designs to unite employees with their workplaces.

Therefore, we can easily say that moss wall and vertical garden designs increase productivity and motivation, especially in working environments.

5. %100 All the Way Natural

Moss walls and vertical gardens are completely natural and do not contain any substances harmful to human health. It maintains its vitality for many years in environments where the humidity level is suitable. Drying algae, as lack of humidity in the same way it dries human skin, is an indication that they are completely natural.

6. Having Aesthetic Appearance.

Moss can fit into any space of many different sizes. When mixing colors, textures and multiple elements (natural or preserved materials such as wood, shell, artificial stone, etc.), unlimited unique designs can be achieved. It breaks the monotony of your spaces and brings you together with nature. By doing this with unique and colorful designs, it gives your space a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

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