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Bonsai tree means "tree in a pot". The word Bonsai, derived from the Japanese word, is a plant made up of two different words, bon and sai. In Japanese, the word bon means flowerpot, while sai, as you can guess, means tree. Therefore, Bonsai essentially means a tree in a pot exactly as it is traslated.

Bonsai are known as tiny trees that have been accustomed to living in pots using several techniques. Since bonsai is not a tree species, it is known as a tree growing method with techniques. That's why there are no bonsai seeds. You can't find it anywhere.

Although they look very different from large trees, they are not genetically different from a standard tree. In short, they are considered as miniature trees that are accustomed to growing with some techniques. It may take some time for a young sapling to gain an old appearance. Of course, in this case, its care also includes some techniques and it is very important.

We love to use Bonsai tree as in stabilized/artificial form in our designs!

What is the meaning of the Bonsai Tree?

The spectacular flower of indoor spaces, bonsai has a philosophy of its own. Although it has more than one meaning, it symbolizes the harmony between earth, heaven, nature and human in its broadest sense. It can have different meanings in different religions.

Another meaning, as we can understand from the opening of its name, means a plant that grows on a plate or tray. The Japanese showed their love for nature by making miniature bonsai trees. There are also different varieties. They have the feature of blooming and pouring flowers according to the season.

How should the care of a Bonsai Tree be?

There are very important details to be considered in the care of the bonsai tree. The bonsai plant, which has a tree-like appearance, has a very sensitive structure in contrast to this structure. As with every flower, there are some maintenance routines to be considered in the bonsai tree. You can have a bonsai tree for many years by doing the maintenance it needs.

Many details such as pruning, watering, repotting and sun needs of the bonsai flower, which requires special attention, need to be done in certain periods.

First of all, irrigation techniques of the bonsai tree are very important. You should avoid over-watering your small tree. But you need to be careful not to leave it dehydrated as much as you avoid it. Because when it takes more than the amount of water it needs, the roots of the plant will start to rot. Likewise, since the roots of the Bonsai plant that are not adequately watered will dry out and die, regular irrigation is very important for the development and longevity of the plant. When determining the amount of water, taking the soil as a basis will be sufficient for correct and sufficient irrigation.

Although bonsai is a potted flower, it is a flower that requires pruning. It is very important to prune the branches and new shoots in the root parts of the bonsai tree. Pruning will make your bonsai tree healthier.

A bonsai tree is a potted flower. And as with every potted flower, it is necessary to change the pot at certain intervals. For bonsai, it would be beneficial to change the pot every 2 years.

It is a sun-loving plant. But it would be much more accurate to stand in a semi-shaded area instead of direct sun.

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